Northwest Cement Council at the 2023 PNWER Summit Boise, Idaho

Designing for Resilience: Mitigating the Cost of Disasters through strategic planning and resilient design

 Tuesday, July 18th, 2:15 PM – 1:30 PM Boise Centre

Designing infrastructure for resilience is essential in creating a more climate-friendly and sustainable built environment. By integrating resilient design principles in the construction of homes and buildings, communities can better resist extreme weather events, minimize damage, and ensure the safety of citizens.  By utilizing low-carbon building materials, we can attain our emission reduction targets. This discussion will explore key features and strategies that enable structures to withstand and recover from various shocks and stresses and be better prepared for disasters. Learn how the region can work together to build more resilient infrastructure for the future.

Opening Comments
Willian Larson, Founding Chair, Pacific Northwest Building Resilience Coalition


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