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About Northwest Cement Council

The Northwest Cement Council (NCC) represents cement companies operating in Oregon and Washington.

The Northwest Cement Council (NCC) represents the four cement companies operating cement grinding and manufacturing facilities in Oregon and Washington.  Together we promote, protect and advocate the use of cement and concrete solutions in resilient, economical and environmentally responsible construction in the Pacific Northwest.

The Northwest Cement Council is based in Portland, Oregon. Find out more about how we can help to support and serve you.
Sustainable Infrastructure with Cement
Cement sustainably supports our built environment from the streets we drive on to the buildings families call home.  Cement stabilizes soils (make this a link) in place, reducing hauling and virgin material mining impacts.  When used to build concrete highways and streets (make this a link), fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.  And reinforced concrete homes and buildings (make this a link) use less energy, are resilient in the face of storm events and fires,  while mitigating noise.